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Today is the last day we will be in Maryland as a family. The kids tomorrow will head to my moms for a few days until we clear out of housing up here. Moving is always bittersweet, we military say that we are not saying goodbye, it is see ya later! It makes moving every few years not seem to final and one of the blessings of meeting so many people, you never know when you will cross paths again!!! Our tour here in the Capital region has been wonderful, I really cannot complain about it.  We were able to see many things, a lot of them free! This honestly is a home school paradise with so many wonderful hands on learning opportunities that are here!!! We have all been blessed with meeting many new people who we will miss!!!

I will be starting some blog posts about moving and the military, if your not military keep reading anyway because there may be something you can get from the tips!!! I won’t be posting on this topic everyday, I will be spacing them out and including all of you in our move across country, it should be an exciting adventure!!! Three kids 8 and under, a dog, us, and Grandma!!! 🙂

Love in Christ,


Laura Prater is a long time Army wife, her husband just retired after 20 years Active Duty this past July. She, her husband, and family are still very active in the military community. Laura is an area volunteer for National Military Family Association and also contributes occasionally to MilitaryOneClick as part of their Blogger Brigade. In addition to all this Laura is a homeschool mom to their three boys. You can find Laura sharing her favorite recipes and chatting about faith, family, all things homemaking, and homeschool over at her other website www.awefilledhomemaker.com

Sharing is caring!