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Leaving Maryland to Start Our Trip Out West (2)

I have been meaning to make this post for a few weeks now but getting settled has taken up much of my time.  So let me start at the beginning 🙂

We left Fort Meade Maryland to travel to Washington, my husband was getting assigned out here for his job. PCSing always has so many emotions for me, saying “see ya later” to a place we have laid down roots and have grown to love, the adventure of moving, the stress of the move….so many emotions! Our whole family really enjoyed the time we had in the DC area, I can say it was probably one of our favorite assignments.  Some of the highlights there were being so close to the Smithsonion, the church we found, getting to go to the White House Easter Egg Roll, going to the football game, taking a tour of the White House, my husband getting a very high award, and my husband meeting Senator Joe Manchin, and many others!!! Those memories among so many more we will always hold dear. Seeing the kids grow and thrive was a huge highlight too and one thing I cannot forget was that was where we got our precious dog Buddy, our family would not be complete without him

On of the hardest things is the “see ya laters” there are good people there I will always miss.  The picture below was one of the last events we did there, Bookworm got his Cub Scout award.  🙂

Leaving Maryland to start our Trip Out West

When the kids and I left Maryland we went to WV to visit my mom for a few weeks first, also Daddy couldn’t sign out yet in Maryland.  The kids were asking everyday when they got to go to Washington.  After my husband got to come join us in WV we set out to OH to visit my in laws and to see the Creation Museum, we just couldn’t head west without another visit there!!! Here are a few pictures of that.

Leaving Maryland to start our Trip Out West

Buddy Davis Sang His WoodPecker Song and Dedicated it to Bookworm!!! That made his day,week, month 🙂 What a blessing God gave us!!!

Leaving Maryland to start our Trip Out West

There will be more pictures I share and more details about our trip as I make blog posts, so stay tuned!!!   For now and growing more and more in learning to Bloom where God has planted me, for that minute, that hour, or that season.

In Christ,




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