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I have been getting a lot of ladies asking for a book list for those who either are military wives or those who want to learn more about military wife life. So I compiled a list of my FAVORITE books! These are all books that I personally own. They are not in any certain order so keep that in mind.

1.  The Five Love Languages Military Edition: The Secret to Love that lasts


 2.  God Strong: The Military Wife’s Spiritual Survival Guide.


I would recommend any book by this author. I have took her classes at PWOC and met her at conferences, she is amazing!

3.  Faith Deployed


4.  Faith Deployed Again


5. The Army Wife Handbook


This was my very first military wife book. I got this from my dear friend Kelly and it was so helpful in those early days. What to wear, how to act, etc.

6.  Hope for the HomeFront: Winning the Emotional and Spiritual Battles of a Military Wife


7.  Married to the Military


8.  Separated by Duty, United by Love


9.  Tour of Duty


10.  A Cup of Comfort for Military Families


11.  God & Military Spouse


12. Homefront Club


13.  Heroes at Home


14.  Called to Serve


15.  The Wounded Warriors Wife ( I reviewed this book HERE)


16.  Wives of the Warriors


17.  Wife of a Soldier, A Journey of Faith.


I personally know and am friends with this author which is where I got my copy. This is one of my all time favorite books. I read this at the breaking point of my marriage with Clay turning around for the better. I believe this book was absolutely vital and continuing the healing process!

18.  Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul



19.  Defending the Military Marriage.


This is a Bible study.


20. Loving your Military Man.


This Bible study I took the first time while Clay was in Iraq for his second tour in sand land. This was an AMAZING Bible study! I loved it so much, I took it twice! 🙂


21. Table in the Presence 



22. One of the Few



I hope this list helps you out. If you have any specific questions for me about any of the books listed you can comment and I will answer.

In Christ,


Laura Prater is a long time Army wife, her husband just retired after 20 years Active Duty this past July. She, her husband, and family are still very active in the military community. Laura is an area volunteer for National Military Family Association and also contributes occasionally to MilitaryOneClick as part of their Blogger Brigade. In addition to all this Laura is a homeschool mom to their three boys. You can find Laura sharing her favorite recipes and chatting about faith, family, all things homemaking, and homeschool over at her other website www.awefilledhomemaker.com

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