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Faith of our Fathers

What an incredible blessing it was to be asked by FishFlix.com to review Faith of Our Fathers!

I will admit that this is not the first time I watched this movie.  Living in the Nashville area does have its perks!  I was asked to attend a Pre-Screening a few months ago and took my youngest as my date!  It was baseball season, and my husband was with my two oldest sons at their games.  When afforded this opportunity to review, my oldest was jumping for joy.  He has talked about this movie nonstop!  To say that he’s a huge fan of Duck Dynasty and Si Robertson is a gross understatement.  Thank you FishFlix for giving him the chance to see this video at home! 🙂

Faith of our Fathers

Have you noticed a shift in the movie industry to produce more faith-based films?  Have you also noticed these movies are topping the charts in ratings and reviews?  The world is hungry for morals and thirsting for God.

The majority of us are not able to attend movie screenings, though.  Many of us are on strict budgets that don’t allow frequent visits to the movie theater.  That is why I am so thankful I found out about FishFlix!

What is Faith of Our Fathers about?

I think before I get into really what this movie is about, I should state for those who haven’t followed me long here, that I come from a long line of military. My Grandpa was a WW2 veteran, my Dad a Vietnam Veteran, and of course Clay spent 20 years active duty in the Army and just retired in July!  We watch a lot of movies that are military related, and I tend to be picky in our selection.  The movies have to be realistic.  This is my disclaimer before I get into the rest of my review. 🙂

Faith of our Fathers

Faith of Our Fathers is produced by and stars David AR White.  He has produced and acted in some incredible Faith-based films, alongside his wife.  They both are incredible!

This movie takes us back to 1969 during the Vietnam War.  Eddie and Steven, two War buddies, are in the midst of a battle deep in the jungle.  It shows them writing letters to their sons John Paul and Wayne and their wives back home.  Let me stop right there.  As a military wife, I have a stack of these letters.  There is nothing like letters coming back home from a military deployment.  There is also nothing like heart wrenching as knowing there is one letter you hope that is never sent.  Most military who deploy to battle has one letter that is to be sent in the event of their death.

Anyway, as the letters are being written, one son is a baby, the other son hasn’t been born yet.  Both are mentioned in the letters to their wives, though.  The movie cuts back to the two sons as adults.  These letters play a huge part in the film and their road trip towards the Vietnam Memorial as they search for their fathers’ names upon the Wall.  By the time of their road trip, the boys’ Fathers have been dead for 25 years.  As they travel to the wall, they get to know their fathers by reading the letters.  During the trip they also meet their fathers’ commanding officer and he shares with the sons how their fathers died.

This movie is rated PG-13 for brief war violence.  Although we are very picky when it comes to our children’s entertainment, war was very much a constant topic in our ordinary everyday lives.  We do not limit our kids from watching movies for war violence to a certain degree.  Perhaps it’s because it does not bother them as it does other children their age?  This particular movie’s war violence is very brief and not gruesome or questionable for young eyes.  We turned this review into a family review and all three of my kids watched it.  We all loved it!

Throughout the movie we laughed and we cried.  It was very well written, directed and produced!  I do think Si’s role was probably one of my favorite parts.  Y’all know how much I love the Robertsons and, well, Si is Si.  He is just as random and funny in real life!

Faith of our Fathers

Faith of our Fathers

(^^^Me at church with Si)

Thank you FishFlix for allowing us to review this movie.  I know we will be watching it many many times! Check out my last review for FishFlix I did HERE! 

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