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Breakfast Quesadilla's---Military Style Graphic

If you all remember back in November I flew to South Korea to visit Clay.  One of his requests while I was there was for some home cooked food.  I do love spoiling my man!  However, it was quite a fiasco because his pantry was pretty much bare and we had problems with the commissary.

Military food

Military Food-2

Military Food-3

Family members stationed in South Korea must be issued a ration card to buy food, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, clothes, and the list goes on.  We felt this wouldn’t be a problem because I was there to pick out the items and Clay would buy them.  We were wrong.  A family member, whether stationed with his or her military spouse or in Korea temporarily must have a ration card just to enter the commissary.

Breakfast Quesidilla's-Military Style 10

After trying to persuade the manager into allowing me entry, we left the commissary and decided to check out a Korean market, which was really cool!  We bought a few things to tide us over until we could make it back to get the ration card for me.

Breakfast Quesidilla's-Military Style 11

One of Clay’s favorite meals is Breakfast Quesadilla’s.  He LOVES when I make them and since it had been about 6 months since he’s enjoyed them, it was at the top of his grocery list.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Sausage (Browned)
  • Veggies ( I like green and red peppers and onions. I brown them in butter)
  • Eggs (season how you like)
  • Cheese
  • Quesadilla’s

First, I brown the sausage in a pan on the stove top.  It was very interesting doing this in Korea because a chef my husband is not.  He has very little kitchen essentials in terms of cookware.  As long as he has a pot (soup), a pan (pork chops and grilled cheese) and a spatula, he’s covered.  I basically had one pan that I could use to brown the sausage.  I also did not have a strainer to drain the grease.  So what did I do?  I put paper towels on a paper plate and let the paper towels strain the sausage for me!

Breakfast Quesidilla-Military Style

Breakfast Quesidilla-Military Style-3

(My fancy paper towel strainer lol)

Word of advice—-as you are doing this in a very small kitchen, do NOT let your husband come into the room.  He knocked a whole plate of sausage into the sink while trying to open a window.  LOL

After I got the sausage finished and it was on the plate straining, I used the grease in the pan to fix the eggs.  I beat the eggs in a bowl first, then I added in a bit of milk, salt & pepper, and Mrs Dash for seasoning.  Then I scrambled them in a pan.

Breakfast Quesidilla-Military Style 5

(Yes, that is a plastic fork. He doesn’t have any regular silverware either. :))

Next, I browned the Veggies while scrambling the eggs.  I sliced some red & green peppers and onions and added in a bit of butter.  It makes them SO good!

Breakfast Quesidilla-Military Style-4

As everything finished cooking I took out a cookie sheet.  I layered the quesadillas with shredded cheese, sausage, and vegetables and cooked them until they were warm and the cheese was melted.  Usually this is about 10 minutes.

Breakfast Quesidlilla-Military Style 6

It is a very simple yet very filling meal.  It is also very simple to do in a small space, with limited resources, and on a Korean stove with Korean temperature measurements. 🙂

Breakfast Quesadilla's-Military Style 7

(It looks normal right?)

Breakfast Quesadilla's-Military Style 8

Now look..lol.

My hubby LOVED it and was very thankful to have another home-made meal.

In Christ,


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