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Soldier to Civilian – Checklist for Establishing VA Medical Benefits

Hello all.  My name is Laura Prater.  My husband, Clay recently retired after 20+ years of service in the United States Army.  Over the  past 20 years of his career his life was reminiscent to the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve been everywhere.”  Clay PCS’d (Permanent Change of Station – military lingo for pack up and move because the Army said so) from one side of the country to the other, literally.  He has been stationed or have trained on just about every military installation in the continental United States, not to mention assignments in South Korea and Germany.  Oh, and there were the deployments, training exercises and more deployments.  But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I wanted to share with you a piece – a checklist if you will – of helpful information for you prior to your transition from the military to civilian in regards to VA Benefits.  This transition comes easy for some, but difficult for others.  Some of the information I provide you may already know.  However, my hope is that this information will benefit you. These items I list are in no order of importance.  Please disregard the line item numbers.  This is to help me stay the course and provide streamlined information as accurately as possible. Here is my Checklist: Document EVERYTHING!  I don’t care how minor the issue, go to...

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Saying “See Ya Later” to the Army

You could say that when I married my husband I also married the Army.  The Army provided us the opportunity to travel throughout the country, but the Army also took away opportunities because of deployments and training exercises.  Through the good and the bad, there it was. I have never been one of those wives you hear about on social media sites complaining or, better yet, calling my husband’s command complaining about his work hours.  Nor have I been one of those wives who wore my husband’s rank on my chest thinking I was better than the wives of...

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Modest Monday: Modesty, Military, and Korea

Welcome back to our tour of Korea!  If you haven’t been around for this series, no worries!  You can read the first two HERE and HERE. My husband is considered a Hard Rock Cafe connoisseur of sorts.  It is a personal goal of his to visit every HRC in the world.  When we plan our vacations or our military moves across country, he gives me the freedom to plot destinations the boys and I would enjoy.  However, his only request is that we visit at least one new HRC along the way.  We all enjoy visiting the Hard Rock Cafes and though my husband no longer drinks alcoholic beverages, he still buys the hurricane souvenir glass.  He proudly displays his collection for all who enter our home.  My husband had previously visited the Hard Rock Cafe Seoul in 2002, but it closed since then and reopened in September of this year.  Prior to my arrival, hubby found the location of the new HRC.  While I was visiting him in Korea, we headed out to Lotte World with a mission—-Find the Hard Rock Cafe! The subway system is the cheapest and often the quickest way to travel in Korea.  I was a little nervous because I was afraid of getting lost somewhere and not being able to find our way back.  The only experience I had on the subway system was...

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Soldier to Civilian (Part 1) – The Decision

Hello readers of Clay’s Corner.  My wife (a.k.a. The Wiffffff, a.k.a. Laura, a.k.a. The Official Blogger of the Family) asked me to share my transition story.  I’m not a guy who shares his feelings.  I’m just not a touchy-feely type of dude who is open with his innermost fears and desires.  However, the wife asked me to share and here I am. When I was first approached to write this story, I thought to myself, “Too easy.  I can sum it up in three words….Transition Is Scary.”  Of course, the wife wasn’t too keen on the idea of a blog post containing three words.  I kicked around a few ideas in my head and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Why not split the story into separate posts, beginning with the decision and ending with the touchy-feely emotions I’m incapable of having?  Anyway, welcome to Part 1 of my transition story. As a former Army Recruiter, let me be the first to tell you that your son or daughter was not safe from me.  If you were living in my recruiting footprint during my recruiting days, I guarantee I talked to either you or your son or daughter.  I can’t speak for every recruiter, but I’m pretty sure your son or daughter has had a run in with at least one recruiter.  There is a line...

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Military Discounts in Nevada

Whether you’re visiting Nevada for the desert or the Las Vegas strip, you’re sure to find something for your military family. Check out these fantastic military discounts in Nevada the next time you make your way to the Sagebrush State! Before you leave, don’t forget yo pick up a travel book or two!  Nevada Off the Beaten PathSouthwest USA & National ParksGuide to Las Vegas 2017Weird Las Vegas and Nevada Terry Fator at The Mirage Las Vegas Ventroloquist and past winner of America’s Got Talent, Terry Fator, salutes active and retired military members with a 40% discount to his...

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