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Fun Facts About Submarines

Let’s talk submarines for a bit. Prior to diving in (pun intended) and researching them, I honestly didn’t know much about submarines. There are so many fun facts that I’m literally giddy to share them with all of you. Although my dad is a Navy veteran and my husband is a retired Army veteran, I didn’t know a lot about this particular subject. So here we are and I am excited to share! I find that we don’t often hear about submarines as much as we hear about planes, tanks and ships, so this post is a really great way...

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Military Discounts in Alaska

Alaska is known for its breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and glaciers. The second to last state to join the union is certainly one you’ll want to experience for yourself! Exploring the Last Frontier is even better with these incredible military discounts in Alaska. Don’t miss out on savings just because you don’t know that they are an option! Alaska Department of Fish and Game Military Hunting Licenses throughout the state Active duty members of Alaska’s National Guard, U.S. Army Reserves, U.S. Air Force Reserves, U.S. Navy Reserves, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, and U.S. Coast Guard Reserves who are residents of Alaska...

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How to Survive Valentine’s Day as a Military Spouse

When your spouse is in the military, you get used to missing holidays together. While no one wants to do it, this is something that comes with the territory. Of all the holidays to miss, Valentine’s Day is one that can make many couples sad. How to Survive Valentine’s Day as a Military Spouse Some military families will choose to miss Valentine’s Day so they can get Thanksgiving or Christmas together instead. It’s a worthy sacrifice. In times of war, you may not get any choices about your time apart in regards to R&R dates. If the military is...

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5 Things to Know About VA Loans

When Clay made the decision to retire from the Army, we had every intention of retiring in West Virginia. We had property – 64 acres of property – that was simply beautiful. However, God had other plans. When God made it clear to us that we were supposed to head to Tennessee for retirement, we began to discuss living arrangements.     We considered renting, but we had rented for years. I was tired of renting and wanted a place of my own. My husband was tired of moving. He averaged just over 2 years per duty assignment and...

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Military Discounts in Washington

You will love all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer when it comes to honoring those in the Armed Forces! The Evergreen State may be known for its coffee houses, gorgeous scenic terrain and abundant pine trees, but it’s also an incredible place for military families to take a vacation. Locals will also love to take advantage of all the incredible deals for military families. Military Discounts in Washington     It’s great to know of all the wonderful states that do so many things to honor the military! The military discounts in Washington state are plentiful, so make certain...

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