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What Exactly IS CBD Oil

What is CBD Oil There is such a strong stigma around CBD oil vs. THC and what components are in what. I wanted to share this with you to help break that stigma and bring awareness to CBD oil. Researchers have found that CBD oil offers therapeutic uses in many disorders and conditions. This product is a life changer for so many, whether you suffer from PTSD, anxiety, pains and aches that won’t go away, inflammation and more. CBD oil is legal and the oil we use and sell contains no THC and is natural. What Exactly Is CBD Oil  CBD oil...

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Living With PTSD

This weekend at theaters everywhere the new film “Thank You For Your Service” opens. While I hope that this sheds some light on PTSD and what Service members who live with this daily go through, there is so much more we wives wish you knew. I am often told I am strong, I am brave by anyone who finds out that my husband suffers from PTSD. Most of the time these comments are coming from people who have no idea what the realities of day to day life are like. I know those comments mean well, as cliche as...

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Military Discounts in Arizona

Weather is not the only thing that is heating up in the state of Arizona. The desert has no match for the hot military discounts in Arizona. When traveling to the Grand Canyon State, you’ll love taking advantage of all the savings for you and your military family. Check out a few of our favorites! (Us visiting Tombstone when stationed in Fort Bliss, TX) Phoenix Art Museum Phoenix Beginning in November 2016, the museum partnered with PetSmart to offer free admission to all military personnel and their families. Visit the museum to gaze upon more than 18,000 displays of...

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Military Discounts in Alaska

Alaska is known for its breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and glaciers. The second to last state to join the union is certainly one you’ll want to experience for yourself! Exploring the Last Frontier is even better with these incredible military discounts in Alaska. Don’t miss out on savings just because you don’t know that they are an option! Alaska Department of Fish and Game Military Hunting Licenses throughout the state Active duty members of Alaska’s National Guard, U.S. Army Reserves, U.S. Air Force Reserves, U.S. Navy Reserves, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, and U.S. Coast Guard Reserves who are residents of Alaska...

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Military Discounts in Hawaii

Today’s military discounts are sponsored by paradise. Yes, the Aloha state. There’s no better place to vacation in the sun and surf. However, it can get very expensive. During your time visiting or living there, you might as well do your best to take care of some of the savings that are offered as well! Here are military discounts in Hawaii that will help you save on your next trip! Military Discounts In Hawaii     Atlantis Adventures Honolulu Take a journey under the sea within an Atlantis Adventures submarine. First, go 100 feet underwater in a submarine featured on National Geographic specials....

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