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5 Things to Know About VA Loans

When Clay made the decision to retire from the Army, we had every intention of retiring in West Virginia. We had property – 64 acres of property – that was simply beautiful. However, God had other plans. When God made it clear to us that we were supposed to head to Tennessee for retirement, we began to discuss living arrangements.     We considered renting, but we had rented for years. I was tired of renting and wanted a place of my own. My husband was tired of moving. He averaged just over 2 years per duty assignment and...

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Military Discounts in Washington

You will love all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer when it comes to honoring those in the Armed Forces! The Evergreen State may be known for its coffee houses, gorgeous scenic terrain and abundant pine trees, but it’s also an incredible place for military families to take a vacation. Locals will also love to take advantage of all the incredible deals for military families. Military Discounts in Washington     It’s great to know of all the wonderful states that do so many things to honor the military! The military discounts in Washington state are plentiful, so make certain...

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Five Ways That The Military Can Benefit Your Homeschool

Sharing is caring!22sharesFacebook3TwitterGoogle+Pinterest19  Five ways that the military can benefit your homeschool   When you’ve been a military family longer than you’ve been a homeschooling family (or close to it), you feel a certain amount of freedom to request for accommodations and assistance as your family’s lifestyle changes, and understandably so.   You can always benefit from great military-initiated and military-friendly programs like the Mommy and Me program organized by ACS. They also run programs like Baby Sign Language depending on the military installation. The military offers assistance to military families as much as possible, including any accommodations that...

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CBD Oil is an Awesome Alternative for Veterans With PTSD

CBD Oil is an Awesome Alternative                                                                             for Veterans With PTSD Our military is our greatest asset. They protect our interests as a nation and sacrifice more than we can ever imagine to maintain our most precious commodity – freedom. Our troops do this at great personal expense to themselves. By agreeing to serve in the military, a service member is committing to...

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Using Art Therapy With the Honor Plate For PTSD

e This past Spring I was blessed to speak at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention about PTSD. PTSD is personal and it is real in this house. We live with it daily and it can sneak up and destroy without notice. Recently I shared the raw reality of what living with PTSD is like. I had a lot of response to that post. Many other wives were “high fiving” for my reality, but, sadly, is their reality, too. This past week was no exception from the horrors of PTSD. We battled yet another storm. PTSD doesn’t take a...

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