Author: Jennifer DeFrates

How to Best Handle Military Family Holidays

(Scroll To The Bottom For the Giveaway) Military family holidays can be even more stressful than typical family holidays. However, the unique challenges of military life don’t have to dampen the season. We often are stationed far away from both sides of our families. Military families have to decide between the crazy stress of packing everything up to travel for the holidays or missing out on much-needed family time. Depending on whether your military member gets a four-day pass or takes leave, you might be facing driving for two or more days to be present with your family for...

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Family Friendly Fall Activities

Finding family friendly fall activities is on everyone’s mind as the seasons change. The fall air is crisper. The leaves begin to change color and apple cider appears in the produce section of the commissary. With many holidays and long weekends in the fall, we want to make the most of our family time together. Halloween is often too scary for younger children. Even toned down ghosts and witches can be the stuff of nightmares for little ones. Perhaps your family feels personal convictions about celebrating Halloween at all. That doesn’t have to take the fun out of Fall....

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Is the Best Option for your Military Family Homeschool?

Should your military family homeschool? More and more military families love having the option to homeschool. It might be the best option you’ve never considered. Despite gaining popularity across the United States, many parents look slightly aghast at the idea of homeschooling. It seems terrifying to be totally responsible for your child(ren)’s education! But it doesn’t have to be so scary. So many resources can make homeschool easy and accessible. Families can choose online programs, boxed curriculum, or more unit oriented resources like we offer on our sister site AweFilled Homemaker. Parents can choose what kind of education, secular...

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